Q. What is My Insurance Log?
A. My Insurance Log is a free and convenient way for you to keep track of your life insurance and retirement security products and share this important information with your representatives or loved ones. Using the Insurance Log, you can list the important information about your life insurance policies and annuities—including the name of the insurance company, the policy number, the beneficiaries and the location of the relevant documents. This helps assure that the financial plans you made for yourself and your beneficiaries will be fulfilled. The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) is pleased to offer this tool at no cost to you.

Q. Who will see the My Insurance Log form?
A. Only you and the people with whom you choose to share it. ACLI will not have access to this information. My Insurance Log information can be shared with anyone you deem appropriate. This could include your attorney or accountant, the person named as the executor of your estate, close family members or anyone else you trust. The important thing is that should anything happen to you, this information will be available to family members or trusted professionals who will act on your behalf and implement the plans you made.
Q. Why did ACLI develop My Insurance Log?
A. Life insurers are in the business of helping people prepare for the future. It is important to chronicle and periodically review the life insurance policies, annuities and similar products that you purchased to provide for your financial security and that of your family. My Insurance Log will help you maintain this information in one place, making it easier for you or your family to find when it is needed.

Q. How do I complete the My Insurance Log form?
A. My Insurance Log is very easy to complete. Just follow the instructions on the form and enter the information relating to the products you own.

Q. I don’t want this information to be used for marketing. If I complete the form, will I receive marketing calls?
A. None of the information you enter in My Insurance Log will be shared with any insurance company or sales representative, unless you decide to do so. You will have complete control of the form and can share it with whomever you choose. Because this information will be exclusively under your control, there is no chance it will be used for unwanted marketing calls.
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