Information Security
The information you enter into My Insurance Log is yours - and yours alone. It is intended to help you organize and store important information under your exclusive control. The creators of this tool, the American Council of Life Insurers, have no access to it and can never share or distribute your personal information.
As with all sensitive, personal information you should take steps to keep My Insurance Log protected. If you store My Insurance Log on a computer, experts recommend using strong passwords, encryption and anti-spyware software to keep your computer and the information stored there safe and secure. If you print a hard copy of My Insurance Log you should store it in a safe and secure place with other important documents.
If your Insurance Log becomes lost or stolen, you should take immediate steps to protect yourself from identity theft and other threats by immediately contacting your insurers and other financial institutions.
For additional information on protecting your computer files visit the Federal Government’s computer safety website:

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